Towns 4 Troops
South East

Towns4Troops-SE is a sister organization to Towns4Troops based in New York state. The group was created by friends, families and community supporters based in South Carolina. The sole purpose is to enhance the lives of our brave active duty men and women who so gallantly serve our country.

We create social events, connect local community resources and enhance base activities and deployments.

Our scope is not limited to just active duty, but also include Reservists, National Guard and Gold Star families. Our goal is to provide boots on the ground support for events such as; BBQ’s, sporting events, concerts, theater performances and outdoor recreational opportunities both on and off base.

Towns4Troops will provide travel bags for deployed filling them with comfort items and treats to remind our warriors that we appreciate them and extend the comforts of home during their journey. Likewise on the return, a RAK PAK is waiting for them with essentials to get them through the day while adjusting to being home, back in the good old USA. Care packages are sent at various times throughout the year with an emphasis on holidays.

We are always in search of volunteers and contributions to help keep this mission going. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Rick Walls, 845.325.8224 or at

We’d love to hear from you!

Visit our sister organization right here at

PO Box 60262
North Charleston, South Carolina 29419